Welcome to my blog post on the best apps that will help you eat more mindfully! 

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, often leading to mindless eating habits. 

Mindful eating, on the other hand, encourages us to slow down, savor our meals, and develop a deeper connection with the food we consume. It’s about paying attention to our body’s hunger and fullness cues, as well as the taste, texture, and overall experience of eating. 

Thankfully, technology can be a helpful tool in cultivating mindful eating habits. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the top apps that can assist you on your journey toward mindful eating.

Whether you’re seeking guidance, tracking your meals, or simply looking for inspiration, these apps will provide valuable support as you strive to nourish your body and cultivate a healthier relationship with food. Let’s dive in and explore the wonderful world of mindful eating apps!

What is mindful eating?

If you want to learn more about Mindful eating, check out this article by clicking here. But in short, Mindful eating means paying close attention and being present when eating.

 Do mindful Eating apps work?

Mindful eating apps help you keep track of what, how, and when you’re eating, it is a visual overview of your eating habits – This can help you notice bad eating habits and easily adjust them.

It gives you more insight into particular foods – this is essential as one of the main principles of mindful eating is being aware of your food contents. Having all this information in one place helps hold you accountable, which will help you form healthier eating habits. 

My Top 5 Mindful Eating Apps

Here are my top 5 best apps to practice mindful eating (In no particular order)

  1. Mindful Eating Coach 2

This Mindful Eating app is the best free option I’ve come across, it comes with multiple features that will train you to eat mindfully. Key features:

  • Before you eat – The app walks you through the steps of making a decision to eat or not to eat, this can help you resist the urge to eat if you aren’t really hungry. 

  • It helps you reflect on how hungry you were before eating, how you feel about what you ate, and how much you ate, and gives you a rating. 

  • Calendar icon – It gives you a recap of the past month of your mindfulness ratings.

This is a go-to if you want an app that will help you focus on how meals make you feel and end your unhealthy relationship with food. These are just some of the features it provides. I suggest you check it out if you want to start practicing mindful eating without paying. 

  1. Am I Hungry? 

This app is designed to help undiet your mind and resolve mindless and emotional eating. It is a great tool for making more mindful decisions, so you are in charge of the decisions you make without resorting to eating rules and restrictions. 

 Key Features: 

  • The app aims to guide you through a mindful eating cycle that can help you make the right eating decisions. 

  • Allows you to rate on a scale, how hungry or full you are.

  • Shows you visual data of your eating habits.

This is a paid app, I would only suggest this app for people who fully understand the concept of mindful eating.  

  1. Rise Up + Recover

This app is a good choice if you struggle with food, dieting, exercise, and body image. It uses the concept of mindful eating and puts it in a nice, visual, and easy-to-use way.  

Key Features:

  • Log your meals, emotions, and behaviors while eating.

  • Export PDF summaries of your meal log to share with your treatment team.

  • Set custom reminders to inspire you and keep you motivated.

Rise Up + Recover is the right app if you want visual data on your habits that will hold you accountable. 

  1. In The Moment

This mindfulness app has a nice and visually pleasing interface that can set you in the right tone to prepare for a mindful eating experience. it is designed to be a mindful and nonjudgmental space that will help you form healthy eating habits. 

Key Features:

  • It takes you through a series of questions to help identify if you are actually hungry or not.

  • It collects the history of your usage over time and displays the data in a way that allows you to see trends.

In the Moment is a good choice if you want an app that can help keep you on track when those mindless cravings hit. 

  1. Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary app is a mindful diary that is designed to help increase self-awareness of eating habits, behaviors, and feelings. It provides guidance on how to turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones that can aid in mindful eating. 

Key Features:

  • Quickly capture and store meals using photos.

  • Record when and why you ate. 

  • Helps you log measurements (Body Weight, Blood pressure, Blood sugar Levels)

This is a good choice if you like having a diary and want to keep all your eating information in one place.  

Mindful Eating Tips

A few tips I would strongly recommend when using these apps are.

  1. Pay attention to the ingredients in your food.

  2. Serve your food on a smaller plate.

  3. Take a few deep breaths before eating.

  4. Stop any other activity you’re doing and focus on your food.

  5. Eat slowly.

Bottom Line 

The mobile apps covered in this article are great tools that can help you start your journey on mindful eating and hold you accountable for your eating decisions by showing you a visual representation of what, when, and how much you eat. If I had to pick one app on this list, I would go with Mindful Eating Coach 2, It has a lot more features that align with mindful eating principles and has a nice easy-use interface.

Although mindful eating is not right for everyone, the features of these apps prompt you to select healthier food choices, take control over your eating habits, eat slower, and savor the moment while you are eating.

 I hope this article has given you more insight into apps that can aid you become a mindful eater.