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Benefits of being lean

The 10 Benefits of Being Lean You NEED to Know Now

It’s a pretty well-known assumption that people want to get lean to look good. 

To look good in clothes, to look aesthetic, to achieve a slimmer face, and for all the other physical reasons, we want to be lean. 

However, being lean isn’t all about just looks; it’s a lifestyle that can elevate you in surprising ways. 

There’s nothing that beats the feeling of being light on your feet and strong at the same time. 

I’d advise we all strive for leanness after building significant muscle for at least short durations within the year. 

Getting lean is a great challenge and a test of your willpower, plus you get to look freaking amazing.

Sooo, let’s go through the great benefits of being lean, but first, you need to fully understand what it means to BE LEAN. 

What does Being Lean Mean?

The real definition of “lean” is to look “thin but also look strong and healthy.” From a fitness standpoint, however, it means being at a low body fat percentage. And we’re all about fitness here, so that’s the standpoint we’ll take. 

So, what would we consider lean? Anything less than 13% body fat. 

Of course, there’s levels to this; you have some people going the extreme, trying to get to 6-7% body fat, which is… insane, and it’s highly possible they aren’t natural. 

You won’t ever need to get that lean unless you’re stepping on stage. In fact, I even think getting to 10% body fat isn’t sustainable. 

12% body fat seems to be the sweet spot for most men; it’s the point where you’re really lean without hating your life. 

Fit man posing

The 10 Benefits of Being Lean

Remember, this isn’t a “benefit of weight loss” article where we discuss the various health benefits of weight loss. 

Getting lean and losing weight do mean the same thing, but in a different context. We strive to get lean, usually for aesthetics and/or to challenge ourselves. 

With that being said, here are the benefits of being lean: 

1. You look Bigger in Pictures

It sounds counterintuitive, right? However, when you get lean, your muscles become more defined, giving you a dicey look. 

These defined muscles make you look bigger when you take your shirt off in pictures. On the other hand, you’ll look like you don’t even ‘lift’ with clothes on. 

2. You unlock Aesthetics 

Joe delaney physique

People who get lean typically have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, with muscle striations and symmetry being more pronounced. 

This contributes to an overall visually appealing physique. If you’re a bodybuilder, you know how important the cut is to achieving an aesthetic physique

The cut blossoms the result of months or even years of hard work. 

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3. You stand out of the pack  

When you get lean, and I’m talking 12–10% body fat lean, you suddenly stand out from the pack. 

You get a sharp midsection, you get those horseshoe triceps, your jawline looks sharp, and you just walk with a new essence. 

99% of people don’t have the discipline and willpower to get that lean, so you literally get the physique of the 1%. 

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4. Endurance becomes more enhanced 

Lower body fat levels can contribute to improved cardiovascular health and endurance. 

It’s why the fitness influencers—you know, those ones that promote “intensive HIIT cardio movements for abs training” (which I think is completely unnecessary)—are always lean. 

Being lean is beneficial for sustaining intense training sessions, which are essential for muscle endurance. 

However, when you get too lean, you can’t build much or even any new muscle mass due to low levels of calorie intake and body fat. 

5. Improved Metabolic Health

Maintaining leanness often correlates with better metabolic health. 

You probably think metabolic health and metabolism are the same thing, and although they’re similar, they aren’t the same. 

Metabolic health means having good levels of blood sugar, waist circumference, cholesterol, and blood pressure. 

Achieving leanness can lead to more efficient energy utilization, supporting overall well-being and fitness.

6. Precision in Training and Nutrition

Fit Man holding healthy food

Bodybuilders aiming for leanness adopt precise training and nutrition strategies. Because to get that lean, you need to be precise with your workouts, what you eat, and how you track it

You build a high level of  discipline and attention to detail that contribute to a more systematic and effective approach to achieving your fitness goals. 

And this translates to other aspects of your life. 

7. You get a close look at your muscle genetics

When you get lean enough, your muscles become more prominent—that is, if you’ve done resistance training and built some muscle before cutting. 

You get a close look at your muscle genetics; you get to see your abs genetics. 

Can you achieve a six pack or 4? You get to see your bicep, chest, and waistline genetics. 

This helps you identify muscle groups that you’re genetically gifted at and muscle groups to improve. 

8. Feel strong and light on your feet

Getting relatively lean feels amazing, especially if you’ve built some muscle. 

Although your strength decreases as you get lean, you’re still stronger than other people around your weight. 

After shedding body fat, you feel lighter on your feet, allowing you to move better and carry out physical tasks easier. 

However, on the extreme end, when you get too lean, this becomes quite the opposite.

9. Greater physical performance in certain sports

Achieving leanness enhances your physical performance in various sports. Some obvious examples are: 

  • Swimming 
  • Running 
  • Long jump 
  • Tennis 
  • Football 

The list goes on. These sports require a lean frame, and even little weight increases can reduce your efficiency. 

10. Boosts your confidence and self-esteem

Muscular Man

Ever seen someone with a chiseled face and solid abs walk around with their face down? Yeah, me neither. 

When you get lean, you start to feel superior because you know you’ve achieved something difficult, you’ve achieved what many men strive for and what many, many women want. 

You get a huge boost in confidence in pretty much everything you do. 

So that’s it, guys. 10 benefits of getting lean and also 10 reasons why you should finally go on that cut. 

There’s so much to gain when you pursue the goal of leanness. 

I believe it’s a test that shows how disciplined and committed you can be, and I also believe that it is a skill that will help you in various areas of your life. If you can get lean once, you can definitely do it again.

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