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How to Lose 1kg in a Month

How to Lose 7kg in 1 Month (Science-backed Method)

Losing weight seems like a crazy feat.

If you’ve stumbled on this post, you’re probably trying to lose weight quickly for an event, level up after a breakup, or you got inspired after seeing your favorite fitness influencer. 

Most of us are currently in that phase where we want to lose weight, but we still want to eat our favorite foods and eat as much of them as we want. 

It’s a pretty frustrating situation. 

And we know the consequences of not taking action towards our weight loss goals. We feel crappy that we’re not disciplined enough to lose weight, and we feel stuck.

Trust me, I’ve been there most of my life. 

I juggled between diets that I could never stick to for more than a week. But I learned how to lose weight, and today, I’m going to scientifically show you how to lose 7kg in a month. 

Although I’m not a fan of aggressive weight loss, I noticed this topic has been trending for some time now and that it lacks a direct, applicable answer.

So, I’m attempting to give a strategic answer that applies to everyone. 

It’s going to be pretty difficult to lose that amount of weight in a month, but is it possible? 

Yes, but for people between the ages of 18 and late 20s, when your metabolism is still relatively high, and for people who are already on the heavier side (the heavier you are, the easier it is to lose weight).

Let’s get into it, Step-by-step. 

Guide to Losing 7kg in 1 Month

First, I will cover the food and nutrition aspects, the exercise required, and the essential tips you need to achieve this goal. 

Step 1: Calculate Your Maintenance Calorie Intake and Calories Required to burn to Achieve Your Goal 

If you want to lose that much weight in a month, you must be tactical. And knowing how many calories to eat a day to lose weight (calorie deficit) is essential.

First, you need to calculate your maintenance calories. 

This will vary depending on age, height, and current weight. You can use this calculator.

Then you need to know how many calories you must burn and eat to lose 7kg in a month.

1 kg is equivalent to 7700 calories, so 7kg would be 53,900 calories. This means you need to be at a 53,900-calorie deficit within a month to lose 7kg. 

After doing the math, you need to be at a 1,925-calorie deficit each day to lose 7kg in a month. That’s… pretty tough, but still not impossible.

Step 2: Know your Calorie Deficit 

By now, you’ve calculated your calorie deficit. So, let’s assume you eat 2200 calories to maintain your weight.

You need to cut down that number by 500 calories in your first week. You don’t want to make your diet too strict.

Then cut down by 250 calories the next week and again in the coming weeks. Let’s illustrate this better. 

Calorie Maintenance2200 cals
Week 1 Calorie Deficit1700 cals
Week 2 Calorie Deficit1450 cals
Week 3 Calorie Deficit1250 cals
Week 4 Calorie Deficit750 cals
(Calorie deficit per week)

So, in this example, you’d be left eating 750 calories in your last week. 

Step 3: Track Your Calories 

So now that you know your calorie deficit, you need to track your food intake. To lose that much weight in a month, you need to be as precise as possible.

So, tracking your meals is required. Or you can freeball it and maybe get lucky and achieve your goal (highly unlikely).

Check out my article on how to track calories if you don’t know how to. 

Step 4: Pick the Right Foods to Eat

Healthy food

The foods you eat during your diet will determine how well you’ll achieve your weight-loss goal. 

Some people think they can just eat whatever they want as long as they stay within their calorie deficit, and this still works to an extent, but it’s not sustainable. 

Neither is changing your whole meal plan; you need to find a balance you can stick to long-term.

In my opinion, the best diet plan for losing weight quickly is keto, but in general, the foods you pick and eat should be high in lean protein and fiber.

These foods take longer to digest, which leaves you feeling full for longer. 

And include whole grains like oats, quinoa, and brown rice. 

These foods are higher in fiber than other refined grains like white rice, white flour, and others. 

This is everything you need to know regarding the food intake part of achieving your goal. Now let’s get into most people’s least favorite word: exercise. 

Step 5: Exercise.. Every.. Single… Day

Man Jogging

It sounds dreadful, I know. But this is the only healthy way to lose that much weight in a month without literally starving yourself (cue the “30-Day Tea and Herds Only Diet Plan”), which 99.9% of people can’t even do. 

To lose 7kg in 1 month, you have to burn around 1000 calories from exercises alone every single day, which is a very difficult feat to accomplish. 

Up for a challenge? Check out this detailed post on exercises you can do to lose 1000 calories a day. 

You’ve covered both food and exercise; now check out some essential tips for faster weight loss: 

Essential Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Aside from how you eat and how many calories you burn, here are some more tips that can accelerate your weight loss.

  • Get someone to hold you accountable: Make a promise, place a bet, or just tell people this goal you’re trying to achieve. It’ll hold you accountable when things start getting rough.
  • When you feel hungry, drink lots of water. Sometimes drinking water can reduce hunger cravings. Drinking lots of water while eating a meal also helps you feel fuller.
  • Edit your environment to reduce junk food temptations. It’s easier to stick to a diet when the unhealthy foods you love aren’t staring you in the face. 
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