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How heavy is 5kg

17 Things That Weigh 5 Kilograms (Unexpected!)

A regular backpack filled with books, a boiling kettle filled with water, a standing fan, a healthy adult male cat, and six pressing irons are items that weigh around 5 kilograms.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “How heavy is 5kg compared to everyday items?” You’ve come to the right place.

The coffee you brew in the morning, the groceries you lug home, or that bag of dog food you haul from the store—have you ever wondered just how hefty these seemingly ordinary household items are?

In this blog post, I’m diving into every day, exploring the weight of things that often go unnoticed in our lives.

So, join me on this exploration; who knows? You might realize that you’re a lot stronger than you thought.

And if you’re here because you want to know common things that weigh 5 kg related to fitness, then you’re in luck.

Sounds Interesting?

It’s only a 5-minute read, so let’s get into it.

1. A Regular Backpack Filled with Books

You might be wondering how I know this, and it’s because I tested it out.

I wanted to increase the intensity of my push-up workout, so I got a regular bag, stuffed it with books, and weighed it, which came out to weigh approximately 5kg or 5000 grams.

And yes, it got the job done.

2. Two Frozen Chickens

Ever hauled up bags of chicken from the grocery store and felt like a total badass? Well, guess what, you are, cause just 2 full chickens weigh about 5 kg, and 6 would weigh 15.

Speaking of 15kg, check out this post on things that weigh 15kg to quench your curiosity.

3. Bag of Rice

Am I the only one who has tried to use a bag of rice as a dumbbell substitute? 

You know what I’m talking about, the rice bags with handles that you attempt to do a bicep curl with whenever you pick it up.

Next time you want to look diced, grab a bag of rice.

4. Boiling Kettle filled with Water

Boiling kettle that weighs 5kg

I use kettles quite often at home, whenever I want to cook or make cups of tea for groups.

So, one day I thought ‘Hmm, I wonder how much this weighs’, so I weighed it, and it came out to weigh approximately 5kg.

5. Standing Fan

A standard standing fan weighs approximately 5 kg. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Barbell curls with a fan? Try it out! Not really.

6. 6 Pressing Irons

A single iron weighs 800 grams, so, 6 of them stacked together weigh 5 kg.

Although I doubt anyone has that many irons sitting at home, it’s still a cool fact to know.

7. 2 Toasters


Sometimes I wish I could toast my pastries at double the speed, so if you’ve ever wondered what 2 crammed-up toasters weigh, your answer has been answered. It weighs 5 kg.

8. 15 Cans of Soda

What’s your soda packet bicep curl rep max?

Don’t know? Well, the average packet of soda contains 12 cans, and 15 cans together will weigh 5 kg, so if you’re able to curl at least 2 packs, congrats! You’re stronger than most.

9. Dumbbell

Dumbbell that weighs 5kg

This one is a no-brainer, so, I won’t cover much. As we all know, barbells come in different weights and 5 kg is one of them.

10. An Adult cat

A cat laying down

My first furry pet on this list. I tested this out by weighing my cat, which is about 14 months old, he weighs about 5 kg.

And before you ask, no you shouldn’t do bicep curls with your furry friend.

11. 5 Medium-Sized Pineapples

The average weight of a medium-sized pineapple is 1kg, so 5 of these big, sweet balls weigh about 5 kg.

Try squatting with a basket of 5 pineapples on your head, before eating them. No, I am not kidding.

12. A Bag of Flour

Sometimes I see a bag of flour and I get a sudden itch that makes me want to punch them. Is this everyone or am I just weird?

They also come in different weights and would be a great addition to your home fitness equipment.

13. 5 Liter Cooking Oil

Most bottles of cooking oils come in 4-5 liters. 1 liter equals 1 kilogram, so that’s exactly 5 kg. The number of calories in cooking oil is staggering, but do you know what else is staggering?

The number of gains you’ll make by curling them.

14. A Large Watermelon

5kg Watermelon

Watermelon is a fun fruit; it looks good on a plate and also when squashed into a thousand pieces. One large watermelon weighs about 5 kg.

And yes, I permit you to use them as a bowling ball,

15. A Standard Bowling Ball

Bowling ball

Speaking of watermelons, the average bowling ball weighs around 5 kg. That’s a fact to consider next time you’re throwing them down the alley at full speed.

16. One Pumpkin

When it comes to fruits that heavily vary in size, I’d argue pumpkin tops the list because of how ridiculous their sizes and weights vary.

An average medium-sized pumpkin would weigh about 5 kg. I’d also argue that a pumpkin is a great choice for squats.

17. 4 MacBook Air Laptops

A MacBook

The MacBook is sleek and thin and typically weighs 2.8 pounds. Stack up 4 of these bad boys and it’ll round up to 11 pounds which is close to 5 kilograms.

This is the only item on this list I wouldn’t even consider messing with. But hey, who has 4 MacBook laptops anyway? Some odd people.

Final Words

This blog post aims to give you a fun insight into things that weigh 5 kilograms and explore the weight of different household items that weigh around 5 kilograms.

I hope I have helped you answer the stumbling question “How heavy is 5kg?” in a fun way.

Although the weights cannot be 100% accurate due to different factors, I hope you leave here being able to correctly guess the weight of the above items without the use of a scale.

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