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How heavy is 15kg

17 Everyday Things That Weigh 15 Kilograms (Kg)

Have you thought to yourself, “How heavy is 15kg?” Or perhaps you’ve held a watermelon and thought, “Could I guess its weight accurately?”

But it’s not just about numbers; as we explore these weights, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the tangible world around you.

It’s like a real-life guessing game, and you’re about to become a weight-guessing champion!

So, whether you’re a trivia enthusiast, a curious mind, or someone who wants to know how heavy 15kg is, join me on this captivating post, one surprising fact at a time.

Pardon all the fitness references; I couldn’t help it.

Are you up for the challenge? It’s only a 5-minute read, so strap up and let’s dive in!

1. A Medium-Sized Dog

Beagle Dog

Many medium-sized dog breeds, like beagles or bulldogs, weigh around 15 kilograms.

So, if you ever need something heavy to perform squats with, just grab your… Kidding, I’m kidding.

They’re bundles of joy with some heft.

2. One Large Suitcase Packed for Vacation

Filled Up Luggage

When jet-setting for a long holiday, your fully packed suitcase can hit that 15-kilogram mark, especially if you’re an over packer.

Knowing this can help you estimate how much your luggage will be charged, or get some reps in at the airport, Win-win right?

3. Bushel of Apples

Bushel of Apples

A bushel contains about 112 apples and weighs a little bit over 15 kilograms.

If you’ve ever hauled that amount at once, congrats! You’ve achieved a badge for pure strength.

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4. Stack of 15 Hardcover Books

Stack of Books

Remember the old days when you had to go to school with a backpack crammed and jam-packed with books?

Looking like you just completed a successful bank heist.

Well, you may have carried a combined weight of 15kg on your back.

5. One Medium-Sized Microwave Oven

A Microwave

I don’t play with food, so this one is completely worth the weight.

This essential kitchen appliance, designed for everyday heating and cooking, typically weighs around 15 kilograms.

6. One Large Bag of Potatoes

Those hearty potatoes you use for mashing and roasting?

A big bag containing 105 medium potatoes can round up to a total weight of 15 kilograms.

7. One Bag of Charcoal Briquettes

Bag of Charcoal

If you’re planning a barbecue, a bag of charcoal briquettes for grilling is around 15 kilograms.

I’d happily carry that bag knowing that they’re responsible for my delicious steak!

8. Single Large Toolbox with Tool


For DIY enthusiasts, a well-equipped toolbox can easily hit the 15-kilogram mark.

9. 3000 Sheets of A4 Paper

A4 paper stack

A4 papers usually come in packs of 500, so 6 packs equal 3000 papers—this office essential weighs around 15 kilograms.

A single paper is so light that I sometimes imagine it would take multiple thousands for me to feel its weight.

10. One Large Bag of Dog Kibble

If you have a larger dog, you know their food can be quite heavy.

A sizable bag of dry dog kibble is typically around 15 kilograms.

This is probably an eye-opener for just how much food your furry friend is consuming.

11. 4-gallon jugs of Milk

Gallon milk

Four one-gallon jugs of milk, often found in the dairy section, collectively weigh 15 kilograms.

One gallon weighs 3.9 kilograms.

Next time you want to do a light bicep curl, grab some gallons of milk. I am not liable for your milk going bad.

12. One Mountain Bicycle

Mountain bike

A standard mountain bicycle, popular for you daredevils out there, weighs close to 15 kilograms.

When it comes to bicycles, lighter is usually better and more durable.

13. 45 Cans of Soda

One 33cl pack of sodas contains 12 cans weighing 4kg, so 4 packs weigh a little bit over 15 kg.

Everyone should know their soda pack deadlift max.

14. One 20 Pound Cooking Gas Tank

I dread carrying these up a flight of stairs. The Gas tank alone weighs 9 kg, when filled with gas, it goes up to a little bit over 15kg.

Wouldn’t suggest you try messing with this one.

15. 90 iPhone 14’s

iPhone 14 image

One standard iPhone 14 weighs 172 g, 6 iPhone 14s weigh 1 kg, and 30 iPhones weigh 5kg.

This could win you your next trivia game!

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16. 54 PS5 Controllers

White PS5 Controller

This is a particularly interesting one for me because I grew up playing PlayStation.

From the very first one to the current sexy-looking PS5.

One regular Dual Sense PS5 controller weighs 280 g, and 54 of them weigh approximately 15 kilograms.

Pretty interesting fact huh?

17. 10 Bowling Pins

bowling pins

Everyone gets excited when going to the bowling alley, but have you ever wondered about the bowling pins?

The weight required to absorb the force it receives day after day from those heavy bowling balls?

Here’s your answer- The average weight of a bowling pin is 1.5 kg, so 10 of them together weigh 15kg.

Final Words

And there you have it! 17 common things that weigh 15 kilograms.

Exploring the hidden weights of everyday things can be surprisingly fascinating.

I hope I have helped you answer the stumbling question of “How heavy is 15kg.”

Who knew that items like A4 papers, Game controllers, or even iPhones could weigh as much as 15 kilograms (33 pounds)?

It’s like a secret world of weights all around us, waiting to be discovered!

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