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Commercial vs Private gyms

Commercial Vs Private Gyms | Your Best Pick?

Want to find out if a commercial or private gym suits you? Look no further.

It’s a choice that can set the tone for your entire fitness experience.

Do you like the vibrant energy of a commercial gym, where motivation flows like a current through the air?

Or a private gym, a quieter, more intimate setting, where personalized guidance is the order of the day?

In this blog post, I’m not just exploring the pros and cons of commercial vs private gyms; I’m giving you everything you need to know to pick which fitness space aligns best with your lifestyle.

Sounds good?

Lay back and digest all this fantastic information in this 5-minute read.

What is a Commercial Gym?

A commercial gym is the type of public gym we all know about, it’s those gyms that you see around the corner and can just walk into and get a killer workout in.

It’s the gyms with multiple variations of different equipment, filled with fellow fitness enthusiasts like yourself.

If it’s your first time in the gym and you walk in feeling a bit confused, overwhelmed, and lost, then you’re probably in a commercial gym.

Commercial gym
Commercial Gym Scenery

But don’t let that discourage you, it comes with its pros.

Benefits of Commercial Gyms

Although the idea of a bunch of people packed in a space filled with sweat-inducing equipment might not sound fun, it makes up for it with some benefits.

Variety of Equipment

Commercial gyms typically have a wide array of fitness equipment to use, including cardio machines, strength training equipment, free weights, and more.

This variety allows you to diversify your workouts and target different muscle groups.

Social Environment

Commercial gyms often have a bustling atmosphere with a diverse community of members.

This can create a social and motivational environment, where you can meet like-minded individuals and maybe even meet some lifetime buddies.

Extended Hours

Many commercial gyms have extended operating hours, sometimes 24/7, allowing you to fit workouts into your schedule.

Want to get in a workout by 6 a.m. before work? You can. Odd enough to want to work out by 2 a.m.? You can too.

Motivation and Accountability

The energetic atmosphere, music, and presence of others working out can serve as motivation to push yourself harder, breaking new rep maxes that you probably wouldn’t even attempt alone.

After going through the various benefits, you most likely want to know the membership criteria, I got that for you too. “Just scroll”.

Commercial gym setting
Picture this when you walk in.

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Membership Limits

Commercial gyms offer a variety of flexible plans. Monthly, Quarterly, yearly? The choice is yours.

But because it’s commercial, there isn’t usually a limit as to how many people get access, which leads to the gym sometimes being jam-packed, and waiting for equipment.

This is my only downer, but it’s avoidable if you can go at odd times.

Now let’s get into the versus – Private gyms.

What is a Private Gym?

The name pretty much explains itself, but I’ll cover it a bit.

A private gym, also known as a private studio or exclusive gym, is a fitness space that typically operates independently or on a smaller scale compared to large commercial gym chains.

Unlike commercial gyms, these types of gyms often offer a more personalized and intimate fitness experience to smaller numbers.

If it’s your first day and you feel included, and guided, and don’t entirely feel like burying your head underground, then you’re probably at a private gym.

Private Gym
Private Gym Scenery

Let’s get into the benefits.

Benefits of Private Gyms

Some people want something more private; they want to be a part of something exclusive with limited access.

If this is you, then a private gym surely suits you.

The benefits include:

Personalized Attention

Private gyms often have a lower member-to-trainer ratio, allowing for more personalized attention and tailored workout plans.

This can be very beneficial for individuals with specific fitness goals or those who are new to exercise and require personal training.

Intimate Atmosphere

Private gyms tend to have a quieter and less crowded atmosphere compared to commercial gyms.

This can create a more comfortable and focused environment for your workouts.

Specialized Workouts

Many private gyms specialize in specific types of training, such as functional fitness, CrossFit, yoga, or Pilates.

This allows members to find a gym that aligns with their fitness interests and goals.

Access to Expertise

Private gyms offer personal trainers and coaches who can provide expert guidance, coaching, and feedback to help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits, let’s get into the membership criteria.

Gym coaching
Group Coaching at a Private Gym.

Membership Limits

Private gyms prioritize quality over quantity, so naturally, access to them will be very limited and will come at a higher gym membership cost.

With fewer people, there is less gym equipment, but the trainers get to focus properly on each member, leading to a more productive, direct, and results-oriented outcome.

Now let’s do a side-by-side comparison to properly and quickly visually differentiate both of them.

Differences between a Private Gym vs Commercial Gym

Aspects Commercial Gym Private Gym
Cost Due to the volume of members, commercial gym memberships are relatively cheaper.  Due to its exclusivity, and more focused coaching, private gyms costs significantly higher.
Equipment Larger array of equipment, different variations to suit the different needs of various members. Lesser equipment variations, due to limited members.
Availability Commercial gyms are like convenience stores, they can be accessed easily and found anywhere.  Private gyms are more subtle and promote limited access.
Trainers Getting a trainer in a commercial gym is optional and entirely up to you.  A trainer usually comes with your membership package.
Culture Commercial gyms can be shaped to your preference. Whether you’re an introvert and prefer doing things on your own or outgoing and want to work with others.  Private gyms promote inclusivity, it promotes working out in groups or paired directly with a trainer. 
Workout Hours These gyms are open most hours or even 24/7.  These gyms tend to have a schedule, with opening and closing hours.

Man getting coached at the gym
Access to One-on-one coaching.

How to Pick the Right Gym for You

Picking between going to a commercial or private gym may depend on various factors and personal preferences. Let’s break it down:


If you’re a more experienced gym-goer, then joining a commercial gym would be a good choice.

Likewise, if you’re a gym newbie, going to a more supportive and inclusive gym would help get you on track quickly.

Personality trait

If you’re more introverted and don’t do well in crowds, then a private gym suffices and vice versa.


Let’s be honest, if most people could afford the higher membership fees, they’d most likely go for a private gym.

So before deciding which gym to go to, decide if you’re willing to put out extra cash for a private gym.


Do you want to have more control over when you go to the gym and your routines? Are the opening and closing hours of private gyms conducive for you?

Put this into consideration before deciding.

Final Words

After going through this blog post, I hope the process of choosing a gym has been made easier for you.

As you might have noticed, both gyms have their pros and cons, so picking the gym that aligns with your lifestyle and personal preferences is highly important for your fitness goals.

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