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Faysal Tahir

Faysal Tahir

Does Weight Loss Reduce Breast Size?

Does weight loss reduce breast size

It seems only logical that when you lose weight in general, your chest takes a hit too, right? This begs the question: Can weight loss reduce breast size? Hormonal influence, age, and genetics are all recorded factors that cause a…

Is Jelly Good for Weight Loss?

Is Jelly good for weight loss

Jelly, or jello, typically enjoyed as a sweet treat, has caught the attention of health enthusiasts as a possible aid in the pursuit of weight loss. It’s a tantalizing thought: could this wobbly, colorful delight actually contribute to slimming down?…

The 14 Best Super Foods for Fertility

Best Super Foods for Fertility

Looking for superfoods to help boost your fertility? Well, I guarantee you’ll leave this post with a smile on your face (; Studies have suggested that superfoods like beans, lentils, salmon, dark chocolate, and Greek yogurt contain nutrients and properties…

Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper and Ginger

Health Benefits of Alligator Pepper and Ginger

Alligator pepper, also called guinea pepper, contains great amounts of antioxidants and can aid in wound treatment, enhance sexual performance, and reduce blood sugar levels.  What a killer intro to this popular African spice, right? Experts have proposed these benefits…